Movement, Myth, and the Modern Musician

Helping music students of today keep fit enough to become the professional musicians of tomorrow.

What is it?

A 2-hour interactive workshop designed to help students make informed and relevant exercise choices, and also improve their physical health and body awareness, so that they are able to reduce their chances of suffering a playing related injury.

What does it involve?

Using the Pilates Method as a base, the students will practice some simple, but highly effective, stretches that will help relieve tension in the most commonly affected areas of the body (i.e. neck, shoulders, upper and lower back). 

The Pilates Method also supports the exercise component of the workshop. The exercises I have chosen are designed to work the whole body, ensuring that all the main, and supporting, muscle groups are targeted and worked in a balanced, safe and appropriate (for musicians) way.

This holistic approach, the combination of stretches and exercises, will help develop their sense of body awareness, improve their quality of movement and help them reconnect with, and reinforce, the physical AND mental aspect of performing.


  • to develop body awareness.
  • to improve mobility.
  • to improve flexibility.
  • to improve physical condition.
  • to improve quality of movement.
  • to improve posture.
  • to improve openness, length and strength of the body.
  • to help relieve the build up of tension in commonly affected areas.
  • to reduce the chance of suffering a playing related injury.

What equipment is needed?

Apart from a scarf, a yoga mat (for comfort), sensible gym clothing (NO JEANS or SKIRTS!), a towel (for those that sweat!) and some water, nothing special.

Any previous gym / physical experience

No, none at all. Only an open mind.